Defibrillators were purchased by the Parish after fundraising events, donations and grants.  They are maintained by the Parish Council.  Simple rules on how to administer CPR are shown below.

Air Horns
Whilst we were raising awareness about defibrillators, the issue arose about how to get help on the ground in the case of an emergency.  This could be any emergency, not just a cardiac arrest.  We are a very rural parish and so we needed a loud alarm that could be heard in surrounding houses.
We therefore put in place the SOS kits whereby you have an airhorn in the house and people in the parish know what it means – HELP!  The source of the airhorn noise can then be found by neighbours and help can be given.
We have a small supply of airhorns available which are good quality horns used on boats and so are extremely loud!  They are available for £10 by emailing

CPR Chart showing how to administer CPR