Grafton Parish Council financial position.

Annual audits are conducted according to the legal requirements.  The most recent accounts are available on this page – click on the links below.  Dates and the location when and where the accounts are available for viewing in detail are published in the Community News which is issued on the closest dates to the AGM.

The Parish Council owns and maintains the hamlet notice boards, the parish benches and contributes towards the war memorial upkeep which is situated at the entrance to St Nicholas’ church in East Grafton.

Grafton Parish 2018 audit submission

2018 Notice of period for exercise of Public Rights

Grafton Parish 2017 Audit submission

2017 Notice of Commencement of Period for Exercise of Public Rights

Grafton Parish Council – 2016-17 Annual Audit certified (by Grant Thornton)

Grafton Parish Council – 2016-17 Annual Audit – Notice of Conclusion

Grafton Parish 2016 Audit submission

Grafton Parish 2015-16 – External Auditor certificate and report