Planning information specific to Grafton Parish including a link to the conservation map where you can locate your property for details regarding planning requirements.  Note that work to be done on trees on your property may require planning authority – the rules are shown below.
Planning applications are considered at the parish council meetings when residents are entitled to speak for a short while.  Contact if you wish to find out more regarding an application.
Search for an application in our parish
If you know the application number click here
If you wish to find planning applications (and do not know the application reference number) then the recommended method is to visit the Wiltshire planning website and to search using a date range.
This is usually identified as the ADVANCED SEARCH but may be updated following this entry on our website. Remember to enter GRAFTON as the parish and ignore any other criteria for the most comprehensive results!
Check whether your property is in the conservation area using this link.  Wiltshire conservation map
Explore Grafton Parish Village plan Grafton village design statement sept 2004
Grafton Parish adopted Conservation area statement east_grafton_-_approved_statement

General information regarding work on trees in our Parish.    You must get consent before any work is carried out on protected trees, except in cases where the tree is dead or dangerous. When permission is granted for the felling of a tree, a replanting condition may be appropriate to make sure the tree is replaced with the same or a similar species. The tree preservation order (TPO) then automatically applies to the new tree.Anyone wishing to carry out work on trees over 75mm in diameter within a conservation area will need to give the council six weeks’ notice of their intention. This ensures the council can make a TPO where necessary. You can use our online mapping system to check if the tree is within a conservation area or covered by a Tree Preservation Order. Planning application forms and guidance can be downloaded from the pack finder page. – See more at: Wiltshire planning rules for trees and hedges

Prosecution for unauthorised works to trees can lead to a maximum fine of £20,000 or twice the value of the tree. This applies to breaching a TPO or works to a tree in a conservation area where proper notice has not been given to us.Many planning permissions have landscaping conditions attached to them to make sure that new development blends in with the surroundings. Considerable help and advice is given to applicants to make sure that a high standard is met.We are consulted on applications for felling licences administered and determined by the Forestry Commission. Further information can be found on the Forestry Commission website. Certain trees are exempt from felling licensing such as garden or fruit trees, trees under eight centimetres in diameter and trees that are either dead or dangerous if the felling is in accordance with an approved plan under the Dedication or Forestry Grant schemes.