Grafton Parish Council

Grafton parish council meetings start at 7.15pm and are bi-monthly held in the Coronation Hall.  When planning applications are presented for consideration in the intervening months an additional meeting is held at 1pm in the Coronation Hall.

Meeting dates, your councillors and sub-committees ……..

Meeting dates - always on Mondays starting at 7.15pm
06 January
09 March
11 May (AGM, APM, PC)
13 July
07 September
09 November
11 January
Planning meeting dates - always on Mondays starting at 1pm
Meetings are only held when there are applications to consider.
10 February
20 April
08 June
10 August
12 October
14 December

Your Parish Councillors
David Lemon - Wilton - Chairman
Annie Whitcher - West Grafton - Vice Chairman
Crisprin Herrod Taylor - East Grafton
George Hosier - Wexcombe
Mike Hyslop - Marten
Ann Dudney - East Grafton
Kevin Burke - East Grafton
Mike Hatherell - East Grafton
Clerk - Maria Vonsova -
Finance – Oversight Ann Dudney
Coronation Hall –
The Parish Council is TRUSTEE INCORPORATE for the Coronation Hall.  The representative is Annie Whitcher.  The Coronation Hall has a separate Management Committee to deal with the day to day running of the Hall.
Planning – Organisers Ann Dudney and Mike Hatherell
Traffic speed watch – co-ordinator Mike Hatherell
Speed monitoring, SID equipment – co-ordinator Mike Hyslop
Defibrillator maintenance – co-ordinator George Hosier
Playing field  and equipment (George Hosier and Mike Hatherell) 
Youth activities (Annie Whitcher) –
Pewsey Area Board and Area Partnership – representative Crispin Herrod Taylor
Road and pathway maintenance – Representative David Lemon
Picture Palace cinema and community calendar (Kevin Burke)